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My Specialties

I've worked with clients from all ages and stages of life on a variety of needs, concerns, and goals, but have found a particular focus in the areas below. I often find that some combination of the three may be the best fit for a family, such as individual pregnancy and postpartum therapy combined with parent-child sessions following the birth of your child.

Play Therapy

For children 3-8 I offer play therapy sessions. Though best served in person, I've successfully provided virtual play therapy sessions, too! As play is the language of young children, this type of therapy allows children to better express themselves, work through fears and anxieties, develop coping strategies, and find independence and confidence.

Individual Therapy

Sometimes the stressors of life become more overwhelming than we can handle on our own. I've found this to be especially true for individuals navigating the decision to have (or not have) children, going through fertility treatments, experiencing pregnancy, and navigating a world postpartum. Although these moments often bring about intense joy, they can also bring unexpected and painful loss, depression, anxiety, fear, and more. My individual sessions help clients determine the person they want to be throughout it all, identifying both short and long-term goals, and exploring how past experiences may be impacting present beliefs and behaviors.

Parent-Child Sessions

Following the birth of your child you might find it hard to connect with your baby. Postpartum Anxiety, Depression, lack of sleep, overwhelming pressure, and more can all impact how you feel about yourself and your child. In these joint sessions I support you and your child as you manage challenging emotions and feel confident in being the parent you hope to be.

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